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Elite Corona Policy....

We are closely following the Covid-19 developments and adhering to the current state recommendations. 

We have decided to keep our doors open for now but would like to urge you all to assist us in being able to doing so. 

It is clear that social distancing is the most effective approach against the spread of COVID-19 and as such we would like to ask you to take that into account when visiting the shop. 

To aid social distancing we will keep the 17 foot roller door open at all times the shop is open, upon arrival at the shop if it seems more congested than you’d prefer, please wait outside until it quietens down. However if you feel that you’d rather not enter the store, call us prior to your arrival for pick up or drop off servicing, cylinders fills etc curb-side.

When visiting the store good hygiene is key, so please make use of the hand sanitizer at the front door on entry.

Our priority remains the safety of our staff and visitors and as such we have introduced further procedures in-store to ensure the store and our equipment is fully sanitized after every class.

We will provide E-Learning for any students that don’t want to sit through a class on-site and gear preparation and sizing can be done outside in our rear patio area. De Leon Springs remains open with easy distancing available there in open air training areas.

Please refrain from visiting the shop if you have any of the symptoms related to Covid-19 or if you are self-isolating or have had contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. 

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About Elite

Elite Scuba was created in November 2015 to provide Scuba training for PADI, SDI, & TDI. Elite was the brainchild of Will Smith and John Fortner and focuses on getting younger people into the sport in as economical a way as possible and keeping them involved.

Divemaster Internships available, contact (386) 256-2259 for details! 

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