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​​​​​​​​Elite Scuba

**Opening Hours have changed for Autumn and Winter.. See Below.

Scuba Training

Nitrox Training

Advanced Training

Not all Scuba Training is Equal....
........this is why we're different.....stay tuned

Rescue Training

First Aid Training

Deep Training

Full Face Mask

Tech Training

SideMount Training

Advanced Nitrox 


Cavern Training

Cave Training

Divemaster Training

Instructor Training

Full Service Regulator + Technical Service Center

About Elite

Elite Scuba was created in November 2015 to provide Scuba training for PADI, SDI, & TDI. Elite was the brainchild of Will Smith and John Fortner and focuses on getting younger people into the sport in as economical a way as possible and keeping them involved.

Divemaster Internships available, contact (386) 256-2259 for details! 

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