The Realm of Wrecks and Big Animal Dive Sites (Click on image for more details)

The region from Miami to Palm Beach is one of the most heavily developed coastlines in the United States. Just offshore of the region's glittering resorts and palatial oceanfront mansions is a diverse and exciting underwater landscape that actually has more to offer in the way of wrecks and marine life than many of the famous dive destinations of the Caribbean. Because both the Continental Shelf and the currents of the Gulf Stream come closer to shore than anywhere else along the Eastern Seaboard, most dive sites are just a few miles from shore and easily reached from all-weather inlets.

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Ginnie Springs-FL

Ginnie Springs is one of the world's most popular fresh water diving locations and provides an array of excellent diving activities. From shallow spring and river diving to excellent cavern and cave dives Ginnie has something for divers with a variety of experience. Ginnie Springs is a 200 acre campground and diving facility complete with a fully stocked dive shop, air compressor and rental equipment. Due to a high spring discharge from seven springs on the property this region usually has 200'

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